Residential Pest Control

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Eagle Pest Control offers the most convenient and effective pest control service in the area. Ants or spiders, whatever your issue, Eagle will eliminate unwanted pests with guaranteed results.

Eagle’s pest control maintenance service is designed to keep your home pest-free by creating a protective barrier around the exterior of your home. We use extremely effective, long-lasting products that are safe to use in homes, schools, day cares, and food service establishments.

Our full-service maintenance plans are inclusive of all general household pests. You will have a pest-free environment both inside and outside of your home or business – Guaranteed.


What You Can Expect

  • We listen to your concerns and perform a full inspection of your home or business to determine the best treatment method. All pests are not treated the same.

  • We will explain what we find and our treatment plan.

  • We will completely treat the exterior of your home.

  • We will remove cobwebs from your eves, doorways, and windows
    (up to 20 feet).

  • We will treat the inside of your home as needed.

Eagle Pest Control is your full service pest control provider. If you experience any issues or ever have any concerns, just let us know.  Re-treatments between appointments are always included.

We treat ants, spiders, springtails, centipedes, millipedes, wasps, hornets, roaches, beetles, silverfish, mice, rats, and other common household pests.

(Program does not include Termites, Bed Bugs, Ticks & Fleas, and Carpenter Bees)


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Eagle Lawn Service is a division of Eagle Lawn Service & Pest Control. We specialize in caring for your lawn, as well as riding your house of bugs, termites or other unwanted creatures. It’s your home. We provide a service that works so you don’t have to.



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