Rid your home of unwanted pests with guaranteed service from Eagle Pest Control. Eagle’s pest control maintenance service is designed to keep you home pest-free by creating a protective barrier around the exterior of your home. We use extremely effective, long-lasting products that are safe to use in homes, schools, day cares, and food service establishments.

Our full-service maintenance plans are inclusive of all general household pests. You will have a pest-free environment, both inside and outside of your home or business – Guaranteed.

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Eagle Lawn Service is a division of Eagle Lawn Service & Pest Control. We specialize in caring for your lawn, as well as riding your house of bugs, termites or other unwanted creatures. It’s your home. We provide a service that works so you don’t have to.




There are several different types of fleas that can be found in this area, all similar in behavior and appearance. Adult fleas are parasites that feed off the blood of a host such as a pet or person, giving them the ability to spread disease. In their immature larval stage, fleas feed on dried blood they get from adult fleas or pets. They are around 1/8" long, dark colored, and flat. Being flattened side-to-side makes them difficult to squash, and allows them freedom to move through hair. With an ability to jump 6" high, they have no problem getting on and off their host quickly. Fleas can be difficult to control because of their large numbers, small size, even smaller eggs, and their ability to go a long time without feeding

photo of flea


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